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Be fascinated by rugged wilderness and the adventurous nature parks. Climb Kilimanjaro or go on safari in the morning just before sunrise and look for the Big 5.


Enjoy impressive landscapes and beautiful views. The Ngorogoro crater in Tanzania gives you the ultimate African feeling. Taste the South African wines and stay in an authentic lodge. Visit the immense Victoria Falls in Zambia. Talk to the locals such as the Himba women in Namibia. Dance with the Masai in Kenya.

When you have experienced all these adventurous experiences you can end your trip on the beautiful beaches of the Seychelles. Africa is that diverse. Do you want to know which African country best suits your needs? I would be happy to tell you after a personal conversation.

Roadtrip in Middle east or Africa, but how ? = Daniëlle

South Israel

A visit to the Timna Park is a very special experience. From a hill, the desert gives a feeling of immensity. A feeling of freedom surrounds me, how impressive is this. You can do a lot in this nature park, you can take tours on the mountain bike and you can even spend the night there. The rock formations make you believe you have ended up in a movie set. Spectacular rock formations are the backdrop. The Solomon’s Pillars, which, like Amram’s Pillars, are shaped by nature, are also worth a visit. And you can admire the world’s first copper mines here, where stories are told about ancient Egypt that will make you dream and drift away. So special !! As a counterpart to the desert, snorkeling, from the sand and dryness into the water to admire the underwater world. For hours I lay in the water with my goggles staring into the deepness of the sea. The glasses enlarged the fish so that colored fish seemed to be swimming right below me. The fish seemed to look straight at me through their expressionless eyes. It was as if time stood still. This made me so calm. The pure moment that consisted only of inner silence and wonder made the future and the past evaporate. It made me forget all obligations. I felt as if I had ended up in a children’s book, in which a ten-year-old protagonist dressed in star-studded pajamas takes the reader to their dream world. Everyone should experience this experience, so special!

Island hopping on the Cape Verde islands

When I arrive in Cape Verde with the children, a feeling of peace falls over us. This really feels like an African environment. The music can be heard everywhere and on every facade of the wall you can read the slogan “no stress”. We throw off our slippers and decide to walk barefoot wherever possible. This feels like ultimate freedom. Everything moves slower here and nobody cares about anything, has patience and is friendly. Our journey starts on Sal. We stay in a house on the beach a few hundred meters from Santa Maria. When we get out of our house, we are immediately standing bare foot on the pearly white beach. The sea is lovely and at the end of the day a group of musicians gather with djembes and other percussion instruments and start making music. It was impossible to stop. Here, in this small place on earth, there is a small yet big party for everyone. Everyone is welcome, it was just pure celebration. “The real Africa,” that’s what I called this memory in my heart. And Sal has even more to offer than this. The saltwater lake is an experience in itself. You let yourself float on the salty water while you realize that you are actually floating in a very large crater of a former volcano. In addition, it is also said to be good for your skin. The place where the water is most blue is Bleu Eye, a cave on the beautiful rocky coast where the sea pounds violently. When the sun shines on the water in the cave at a certain angle, a beautiful blue glow is created, hence the name Blue Eye. The daredevils among us can take a jump off the cliff. Of course, we also spend a day in the sea! With our diving goggles on our nose for hours on our stomachs floating on the water to discover the beautiful underwater world. We enjoy the coral and the beautiful fish around us, so special to be part of a whole other world. When we arrive at Shark Bay, the children are very enthusiastic. While they are knee-deep in the water, the sharks swim just past, it can’t get more adventurous and it could hardly be more exciting. The children thought this was the most impressive event of the trip. After five days we travel by plane to Sao Vicente. After an hour of flying, we land on the most cultural island. We stay in Mindelo, the cultural heart of Cape Verde. Due to the arrival of the foreign ships from overseas continents, Sao Vicente has a colorful culture. When we explore the city in the evening, music is played on every corner of the street and there is plenty of dancing and singing. Slowly we fall in love with Cape Verde. From this wonderful experience we will go by boat to Santo Antao. Once on the boat, the plastic bags are handed out. The water can be quite rough at times and it could just be that these bags could come in very handy. Fortunately, we have sailor legs and nothing bothered us. If you are sensitive to seasickness, I advise you to take a pill for that. When we are on Santo Antao we are impressed by the breathtaking landscape with rugged jagged mountains, ravines and tropical valleys. It is one of the largest islands and perhaps the most beautiful island in terms of nature. Deep in the valleys near the small (farming) communities, time seems to stand still and you can experience what it is like to live off-grid. The first day we board a local fishing boat we catch quite a lot of fish which we grill on a campfire and eat for dinner when we return. The next day we take a very nice walk through the crater, this takes us about 5 hours. When we visit one of the small traditional villages we get acquainted with the lifestyle called “Morbeza”. The ultimate feeling of warmth and openness that you can only experience in Cape Verde.

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