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Take that dream trip through Sri Lanka

Are you looking for that one special journey?

Are you looking for a place that isn’t visited by the masses? Or do you simply lack the time to research all the possibilities that are out there yourself? Not to worry. I can help you make your dream trip into a reality. With my experience I am able to find you that one special place. Pure, authentic and away from the crowd. I mainly work with local travel agents who are located on site. To me, sustainable traveling is key. You would stay in small-scale accommodations run by the local population. Of course, certain must-sees in the area of choice won’t be skipped. The trip will be consciously and entirely designed according to your personal wishes. I would be delighted to help you make your dream trip a reality!  

The personal interaction

The better I get to know you, the better I know which destination and trip suit you the best. In a personal conversation I plan to find what the wishes behind your wishes are. We would have contact in whichever way best suits you, this can be a phone call, video call, or a personal appointment at your house, a public meeting place, or at my office.

Authentic Travel

The accommodations that we choose suit the environment to which you travel. They are beautiful and stylish. They truly make the difference in your journey. They are accommodation where you can feel at home and come into contact with the local population. Small-scale accommodations with a special appearance, the accommodations are tastefully decorated with a personal touch, this is where you can often receive the best tips about the surrounding area. Sustainable travel is key.

Away from the masses

The places where you will stay are often located in beautiful places surrounded by nature. These places will truly inspire you. The places where you will stay aren’t being visited by the masses yet which makes them all the more special. The destinations are places, away from the walked tracks, and still unfamiliar to the masses. During your visit, you may even end up at a local village festival or even be invited to a traditional festival that may be going on at that time.

Tailor-made travel journeys

After our conversation, your wishes will be crystal clear to me! This is when I will start looking for your perfect trip. Each individual trip is unique and tailor-made according to your wishes. Your journey is my destination!

Travel idea + destination + planning = Danielle

The world is at your reach

What will your destination be?

Adventurous journeys

Adventure is life, live it!

Oman is an extremely diverse travel destination with many places that are hardly ever visited by tourists. The diverse landscapes, from deep gorges to high mountain tops and valleys full of clear green water, also make Oman an amazing outdoor destination for our nature lovers. You can go abseiling, hiking, mountain biking or take a multi-day hike through the beautiful landscapes Oman has to offer.

What others had to say

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