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Finnish lapland, Norway and Iceland

Let's go Scandinavian

Whether you are looking for Summer or Winter adventures in the great outdoors these destinations are unique when it comes to their variety of outdoor activities.


Experience Norway like the Norwegians! You will only know the feeling once you have been there. Norway has unique landscapes with fjords, glaciers and impressive mountains. Norway is the ideal country for conscious travel. In nature and in the field of special accommodation options, Norway is perfect. Stay on a pristine peninsula and sleep in an old monastery ruin or a lighthouse. If you want to do island hopping with meaning, go to Solundarchipel and Vaerlandet, breathtaking nature and authentic small villages. Norway is also the right place for adventurous activities such as kayaking, sailing, rafting and hiking. Are you a sporty adventurer? Then Norway is the place to be!


The island of hot springs, geysers, mountains, endless bare plains, the northern lights and the island of the infamous volcanoes. This is the destination where you can experience 4 seasons in 1 day or even sometimes in 1 hour; snow, rain, fog, storm and then a clear blue sky. Iceland lies on the edge of the North pole and is incredibly beautiful. With your rented car you travel through the overwhelming nature. Iceland is known for its waterfalls, geyser and volcanoes. The falls are impressive. The landscape is spectacular, which makes a hike to the waterfall even more beautiful. An island of pure beauty which has not yet been discovered by mass tourism.

Finnish Lapland

Follow your feelings and experience the pure North! Unprecedented space just a three hour flight away. Open your heart in this environment where nature is as nature is intended. More than 65% of the country consists of forest. In the forests near the Russian border you can see bears in their natural habitat. And did you know there are 180,000 lakes? If you travel in summer, it does not get dark at night and in winter you have the feeling that it is already evening at 3:00 PM. Drink delicious chocolate milk by the fire. In search of the Northern Lights, meet the Sami people or spend the night in a real Husky farm. It’s all possible in Finnish Lapland!

Roadtrip in Scandinavia, but how? = Daniëlle


Traveling in a winter wonderland

On a winter adventure in a fairytale environment that is an experience that you will find in the vast landscapes of Finnish and Norwegian Lapland in search of the magical northern lights. A journey full of highlights! Sleeping in a real husky farm. From the log cabin you can walk to the dogs and you become part of the daily life on the farm. There is always something to do at the husky farm, the puppies get social skills training, the huskies have to be harnessed when going on tour. You will explore the white wonder world with your own team of dogs. Or staying with a Sami family, this way you really come into contact with the local population. It is also possible to visit a reindeer farm or go cross-country skiing for a day. You spend the night in a snow iglo with a glass ceiling! In good conditions you can see the Northern Lights from your bed! An overnight stay to never forget ……. A tougher and more adventurous way to explore the area is to take a nice snowmobile ride and who knows, Lady Aurora is dancing high in the sky! This could just be your journey. When you tell me your wishes for this winter, I will ensure that your dream trip becomes a This trip will be the time of your life!

The best travel period to see the Northern Lights is from November to March. 

Travel inspiration

Do you want to know what myself and my travel friends experienced? View the travel inspiration below, this will give you a better impression by reading their and my experiences!

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