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Let's go Mediterranean

You get off the plane, the sun shines onto your face, you put on your sunglasses and you immediately feel relaxed. All you see is lovely villages nestled against the rocky coastline with an exceptionally scenic landscape.

You will find steep cliffs surrounding the villages. Touring down small winding roads with pine trees, an evening walk on an idyllic beach located in a beautiful bay. Experience adventures in a Roman city. Eating out in the village square of an extremely charming place where the local people make music and dance. In the square is a beautiful church, from which you can hear the ringing of the bells in the valley ebb. The cozy terrace on the idyllic beach where you can relax, drink your wine and toast to the good life. The contact with the local population that immediately gives you the feeling of coming home. The small-scale accommodations where you stay such as Agritorisos, Pousadas, Boutique hotels and castles give a special and authentic experience to your trip through Southern Europe. Southern Europe also has beautiful islands, each island is unique and has beautiful beaches. Take Flores with its turquoise crater lakes and tropical flowers or the more famous fairytale island of Santorini, the volcano landscapes on Lanzarote make you feel as if you have landed on the moon. Sardinia with its paradisiacal beaches. Madeira where the most beautiful flowers bloom and with its rugged mountains with steep cliffs is the ultimate hiking island. They are islands that you have probably heard of, but I make sure that you stay in a unique and authentic place, away from the crowd. I would also like introduce you to the very small unknown islands of Greece, which are very underrated but definitely worth a visit.


Roadtrip in South America, but how? = Daniëlle

Winter sun on Tenerife en La Gomera

We arrive in Tenerife, the weather is wonderful, 27 degrees, a clear blue sky and the sun is smiling at us. We pick up our convertible. We open the roof, our faces and my hair fluttering in all directions. The first two nights we stay in a small-scale authentic accommodation. We enjoy the winter sun for two days. I can’t have that summer feeling in the winter. The third day we leave for La Gomera where we spend three nights in a house in the middle of nature. The cottage is beautiful with sea views. La Gomera is an island where you jump from one landscape to another landscape. Feel the lush and magical nature that slowly surrounds you.

From Tenerife you can reach this magical island within an hour by boat. When we get on the boat the sun shines on our faces. With our sunglasses on our noses we arrive on the deck. My hair dances with the wind. While we are sailing, we see a number of dolphins accompany us. In the distance we see La Gomera approaching. When I set foot onto the island, I instantly feel enchanted. When you are on the island you feel surrounded by its magic. We drive down the winding roads. The turns come one after another. Behind every corner is a new surprise. We are surprised by ravines that are thrown into the sea, the ancient laurel forest that is protected by the ravines and the mountain bridges. Beautiful valleys are everywhere. It is a place where nature still reigns. It is wonderful to walk through this ancient forest, to feel the freshness of the earth and to listen to the murmur of the moving treetops. We take several walks. From Vallehermoso we follow Caminos Reales to a beautiful route inland. It is very special to walk in a valley surrounded by palm trees. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the paths were used to exploit the laurel forests of La Gomera. The former shops have now been transformed into hiking trails where you can hike down the most beautiful routes on good running shoes. The most famous place is the hippie beach at Playa del Inglés and the Valle Gran Rey, with the black volcanic beach as the main attraction. You can only admire the rugged Los Organos cliff from the sea. From Valle Gran Rey you can take excursions to admire this impressive rock formation of basalt columns. When you visit La Gomera in the summer you will be able to spot many dolphins and beautiful sea birds. We saw a lot of dolphins swimming during the crossing, but there is more to see than just dolphins. Large whales pass regularly. Griend and Bryde’s are the fin whales that can be spotted. You have the chance to see whales here all year.

Going up from San Sebastian on the TF-713 highway, the first viewpoint appears, wedged between the rocks Agando and La Laja. It is split into two parts by the road and has beautiful sunrises over the mountains of the north of La Gomera (with the island of Tenerife in the background) and beautiful sunsets that color the 180 meters of the nearby Agando a breathtaking shade of red. Besides the beautiful and impressive nature, there is a pure and authentic village, called Agulo. The charming village has views of Tenerife and the majestic Mount Teide are an added value of this village whose pores breathes the essence of La Gomera.

After La Gomera we stayed for three more nights and went up to the north of Tenerife and there we stayed in an authentic parador. We visited The Pico del Teide, this is the icon of Tenerife and also the highest mountain in Spain, it is 3718 meters high. We choose to go up with a cable car. A magnificent view of a real lunar landscape. Of course, we also visited the historic town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. We enjoyed the houses and monuments from the 16th century. On our last day we toured the north of Tenerife in our convertible through the Parque Rural de Anaga, it is a beautiful route with many sharp turns where we drive along deep ravines and sharp mountain ridges. The laurel trees adorn the decor. After this day our journey had come to an end. How wonderful it had been to experience a feeling of a summer trip in winter and to combine two beautiful islands with each other and all that only a 4 hours flight away!




Did you know that you can also combine winter holidays with an authentic experience?

This is possible in the federal state of Carinthia, which is part of the Hohe Tauern, an elongated mountain range with the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossgrockner (3,798 meters). In the village Obervellach im Mölltal, you can stay in the Oberstbergmeisterambt, built 500 years ago in the Renaissance style. . There are 5 ski areas in the area, but of course there are also many difficulties that come with taking beautiful winter walks or horse-drawn carriage rides. Of course, there are many more special accommodations for unforgettable winter experiences. Do you want to know more? 06 465 94 689. I am happy to help you!

Did you know that Greece is way more diverse than you may think?

The islands on their own each have an unique character. A selection of the best from the islands:

Keffalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea and if you like beach hopping, this is the island for you. The island has also been described as a “beach mecca”. Myrtos Beach is by far the most popular. The advantage of all those beaches is that it will never be overcrowded.

The mountainous island of Ikaria is perfect for a hiking holiday. The network of hiking trails allows you to walk from coast to coast and from mountain top to mountain top. Of course, with the most spectacular views. In the past, pirate attacks sometimes took place. Partly because of this, the former residents decided to build their houses at a relatively high height.

Mykonos is one of the most famous of the Greek islands and also the first island to develop in the field of tourism. Don’t let that stop you! Do you like culture and are you not averse to a night out? Then this island suits you perfectly. You will find everything from lounge tents on the beach to nightclubs in the city. During the day you can enjoy the white houses with blue windows.

When you travel to Santorini you have to love people a bit. The island is no longer a secret among holidaymakers. But it is and will remain a terribly romantic destination. Can you already picture yourself and your partner sitting on a terrace, enjoying good wine and a beautiful sunset?

Which island suits you best?

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