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Asia is the largest continent on this planet and it has more than 4 billion inhabitants, which is about 62% of the world's population! There are also many religions, but the largest and best known are Hinduism and Islam. All of this aside, the country is best known for its breathtaking nature.

Imagine yourself traveling through terrace like rice fields and atmospheric, authentic villages. Or maybe you prefer to go on an adventure in the jungle and come face to face with orangutans. You are able to visit a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere where everyone smiles at you. You chat with the locals and you may suddenly end up in a real offering ceremony. You continue your journey and end up on one of the idyllic islands with pearly white beaches, hanging in a hammock between two palm trees and drinking milk from a coconut together with your partner. You visit historical temples, the serene atmosphere, the rituals and the scent of incense. You really come into contact with the country and the people, you may even enjoy taking a cooking course at home with the locals. I call this Approved by Danielle. Do you also feel like traveling to beautiful Asiais the perfect trip for you?

Feel free to take a look at one of the example trips and get inspired for your next journey!

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17.500 reasons to visit Indonesia!

Did you know that Indonesia consists of more than 17,500 islands? Plenty of reasons and opportunities for me to be able to put together the most creative tours. For an unforgettable diving experience, you may want to choose the Thousand Islands, Gili Islands or Flores Islands. If you are more interested in culture, the rice fields and the jungle, Sumatra, Java or Bali are the perfect destinations for you! For me it has been a few years since I’ve been able to visit these islands, but the experience is still fresh in my memory and always will be. Would you like more information? I’m happy to tell you more about all the possibilities Asia has to offer!

Sri Lanka stole my heart!

Two years ago I was able to discover this destination myself. This country has stolen my heart from the moment I set foot in it. I’ll tell you why: Sri Lanka has it all. In terms of culture, I could indulge myself seeing the many Buddhist, Hindu temples, mosques and churches. You should herby imagine  putting yourself in a completely different atmosphere every time. There was also plenty to discover in the adventurous field. The hikes at Horton Plains, Sigiriya, Adam’s Peak or Pidurangala are breathtaking. And what about the train journey through the tea plantations, I have never seen so much wildlife as I have in Asia. Spotting elephants with a jeep was one of the experiences I will never forget. You will encounter them in groups of 200. Monkeys, reindeer, elephants, tortoises, buffalo you spot the all along the way. Not to forget, the food is divine. Whether you like egg curry or prefer one with chicken or fish, they have it all! From spicy Dahl, crispy Papadum prawn crackers or green beans in an Asian sauce … Add some well-cooked rice, a portion of Mango Chutney and a freshly squeezed mango smoothie, Pineapple or Watermelon and you have a divine meal in front of you! You can eat the most delicious dishes in Sri Lanka during breakfast, lunch and dinner. I may not have seen a greener island in Asia! Sri Lanka is dotted with trees, especially palm trees, affectionately referred to by Sri Lankans as “The Tree of Life.” The Sri Lankans are also able to transform every part of the palm tree into something edible or usable. You can drink the coconut water, the leaves are perfect to use for roofs, you can make spoons or containers from the coconut shell and of course the inside can also be eaten as a snack or used to make coconut oil. How would you like to end your impressive journey on a snow white beach under a Palm tree. Drinking from a Coconut to watch your journey go by in your mind? Do you want to know more about this beautiful destination? Don’t hesitate to contact me.